When was the last time you actually noticed a company’s vision, mission and values? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? We aren’t saying that successful brands of today should ignore the good, old staples from the 90’s. Instead, we’re suggesting that companies move with the changing tide to get ahead.

The social media storm and the incredible amount of information it’s churning is unprecedented. Customers are spoilt for choice and considering a company’s services should be a simple task. Instead of spending precious time on the vision, mission and values, why not engage with your customer on a level that they can truly relate to? In other words – deliver on your promise.

What mattered 20 years ago, doesn’t matter today and customers are more concerned with companies that meet their needs – efficiently.

Key steps for staying relevant

  1. Listen

Customer engagement no longer happens in the back office of a company. For it to mean something it needs to happen across the board. Customers are spoilt for choice and have many channels to choose from when engaging with a brand. Listen to what your customer is saying and deliver on that in a meaningful way.

  1. Have a clear goal

A clear message that’s delivered in a simple way, standing by what you promise will get you far. Not only will you keep customers you already have, but you will wade through the ‘noise’ by showing potential customers a brand that does what it says it will, every time.

  1. Think actions, not words

Your brand’s promise is not made up of a vision, mission or values, but rather the ability to inspire staff to deliver great service by enhancing every customer’s experience. Find a way to express your brand’s promise in clear, understandable ways that speaks to the heart of the customer.

  1. The age of the customer

Think about what you can do differently today to engage your customers on a more personal level. Are you listening to them and does your brand’s promise deliver on their expectations? How are you improving the experiences your customers have with your brand?

Every company has a shelf-life, especially when refusing to move with the changing tide. Check the expiry date on your brand and keep the message relevant, innovative and engaging. Your vision, mission and values haven’t died. They’ve just evolved.

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