nlighten Blog_It Only Works if You “Work Out” March 2017"

nlighten Blog_It Only Works if You “Work Out” March 2017″

Your business is a bit like staying in shape, and as a business matures, like you and I, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep in shape.

In order for your body to look and feel great, you need to get your body into a healthy state, requiring a weekly workout regime as well as a balanced diet.

In most cases, people who have grappled with getting their bodies into optimum shape have tried and tested different ways of eating and different forms of exercise in order to determine which combination works best for them; for some, its portion control and yoga and for others it may be 6 high protein meals a day and cardio. We receive our feedback from our friends, lovers and families (mostly only when we lose weight, not gain weight!) as well as from our clothes. When your clothes are too tight, you know that it’s time to do something differently.

Your business should receive the same careful and caring treatment. Just as your body is a holy temple, your business is too. In order to get your customer experience into “optimum shape”, you need to try and test different internal changes until you find the right combination that delights your customers and increases your level of success.

Your leadership and ability to motivate your employees or colleagues is your willpower. You need to maintain your strength and work hard every day in order to achieve your goals and please your customers.

nlighten Blog_It Only Works if You “Work Out." Exceed Customer Expectation

It is said, that when you feel good, you look good, because your internal confidence radiates on the outside. If your business feels great on the inside and your employees are happy and proud, it will reflect on the outside to your customers and to potential customers. It is important to portray a truthful message and ultimately, exceed customer expectation.

When receiving negative customer feedback or when you run into an operational problem, don’t crumble. This will result in a binge, which will then result in feelings of self-loathing, and subsequently punishment through starvation and further restriction, causing more damage. This is an unhealthy pattern, which will continue to occur if you don’t break the cycle and make the small necessary changes to the business to create balance and long-term harmony. Take the negative feedback, be realistic and conscious, and find a solution to win the customer back instead of falling into the patterned system that you have built.

nlighten Blog_It Only Works if You “Work Out." Craft a balanced and strong business

Craft a balanced and strong business, without becoming too complacent and remember that small, healthy improvements are the only way to achieve long-term success.