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Research is the most powerful tool that drives valuable customer experience. Without research, businesses do not have sufficient information about the customer and therefore, cannot exceed the quality of the delivery expectation of the customer.

Any business-to-customer relationship should function as a loyal human-to-human friendship. Would you purchase a clothing item for your friend’s birthday present without intrinsic knowledge regarding what style or colour they like? No, you would not.

Businesses cannot lose sight of the FACT that their customers are human beings with individual likes and dislikes. Did you know that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated? According to Genesys Global Survey, the most requested improvement, by far, is “better human service”.

If a business “gets to know” their customer as a person, the insights acted upon are guaranteed to improve the business and retain customers while attracting new ones. The best way of gaining these highly qualitative insights is by asking the customer through a third party. The reason you would have to involve a third party is in order to achieve the most valuable answers possible.

It is natural human behavior to be more comfortable complaining in detail to a third party rather than directly to the person or business that one is complaining about. If you received a piece of clothing from a friend for your birthday that you didn’t like, you wouldn’t usually express your dissatisfaction with the item directly, you would probably unleash the full extent of your disappointment onto another friend or family member.

Only 4% of dissatisfied customers bother to complain. These days, there are far too many available options for people. They don’t bother to complain because they don’t care for the business to fix anything, because there is another competitive option for them to select.

As a business owner, leader or manager, it is important to chase the customer for answers. They will not just come to you with complaints, especially if the business doesn’t make it easy to do so. Rather contract a third party to find out exactly what is going on in your “friend’s” (customer’s) mind and allow them to mediate the relationship while you trial and test anything and everything to make them as happy as possible, as often as possible.

nlighten Blog_Real Research! April 2017

Your customers are what keep the doors open, the lights on and the employees seated. Make no mistake about the fact that they can open the doors and turn the lights on for another team that is more inclusive, appreciative and loyal. Ask your customers for the truth; they are the most important people with the most important source of research in your business’ existence.

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