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As a customer, sometimes trying to communicate with a company representative is like having dental surgery without anesthetic! The frustration alone of not being able to get hold of someone to help you is enough to deter one away from a company completely, without even enduring the pain of complaining.

Today, it has become a common topic about how rapidly our world is digitally advancing. These advances are supposed to make it easier for people to complain or contact the business, but sometimes, this increase in available platforms actually makes it more difficult for the business to keep track.

Quite a few big businesses are dealing with such teething problems as they have now implemented the contact points of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Live Chat, Skype, E-mail, etc.  With so many different pipelines feeding through so many different enquiries, are businesses complicating matters? And, in doing so, are they decreasing their level of efficiency and therefore losing the value of their customer’s experience?

Isn’t it ironic that while trying to improve the customer experience through “keeping up” and adopting all of the differing digital portals, the exact opposite may be the result? Businesses are trying to be more convenient by allowing the customer to communicate not just via email and telephone. But in some cases, the effort going into trying to speak to someone becomes an absolute inconvenience, completely missing the point of the advancement.

nlighten Blog_S.O.S_26 April 2017

It’s virtually impossible for every business to be completely READY for all of the platforms to be introduced and implemented effectively, but they don’t have a choice. Businesses HAVE to be relevant in order to be able to maintain success, so this change is practically forced onto big business and everybody has to try and be as prepared as possible.

Several businesses, such as Zendesk, have emerged through capitalising on this gap, and have been established in order to help companies manage their communication platforms using a single-view interface, where all of the customer enquiries can feed through from different platforms and into one system.

nlighten Blog_S.O.S_26 April 2017
Businesses need to hear feedback in order to improve. Attaining the feedback is therefore imperative.

Unfortunately, companies are expected by their customers to get it all right. This will come with time, but for now, business leaders need to ensure that they have the right staff equipped with the right skills to deal with the struggle of evolving and adapting.

The genuine effort needs to be really made for the business to HEAR its customers as best as possible. If this effort is made, it won’t go unnoticed. Customers will appreciate it and in return, give their loyalty.

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