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The clichéd statement, “the customer is always right”, has never been more true. Several studies over the years have shown that emotion is the top driver of loyalty and more and more businesses are seeing the value of listening to customer feedback in order to achieve great customer experiences, and ultimately, success. Whether in a B2B or a B2C environment, no matter where in the world you are, as a business, customer loyalty is the fuel to your engine.

Not only are businesses trying their best to meet customer experience expectations, but they are now also trying to predict what customers are going to want in order to exceed expectations beyond measure. This CX trend of creating a concierge-type service model is rapidly catching on especially in the U.S, China and other digitally leading countries.

A great example of this forward-thinking culture is that of the Citizen M(obile) Hotel, where the sophisticated yet comfortable atmosphere invites its guests to the future. From a mobile device, the hotel room can be completely controlled and customised. Lights, blinds as well as the television (which welcomes the guest by name) are all controlled through one’s own mobile device, and the settings are even saved for when the guest returns to the room later on. The entire stay, from check-in to checkout, is an efficient and seamless digital experience that satisfies guests’ “wants” that they didn’t even know they desired. Although the hotel is operated mainly through technological advancements, there still are staff members available for human service, should a guest require any other assistance. The staff team is made up of fewer members than that of other hotels, but this small group of people are of the highest of standards and are completely aligned with the brand of Citizen M, further adding to the efficiency of the holistic experience within the hotel. Constant, high speed free Wi-Fi, 24-hour food and beverage service, a rooftop bar with iconic panoramic views, accompanied by chic and modern interior design, this hotel really does live up to it’s standards described by their words: “where style meets luxury for a coffee (and a sneaky cocktail)”. The quirky hotel has been described as “exceptionally handy”, surpassing one’s already high expectations of a 5 star hotel stay.

In a world that is constantly progressing, the CX industry and its trends are too evolving at the same pace. Nowadays, CX doesn’t just stop at listening to feedback and rectifying problems, it has taken on a whole new level of preventing any customer dissatisfaction through intuitive and anticipatory conduct and serving customers with much more than they ever imagined.

This is it. Welcome to the future of CX.

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