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Although this complex and digital “Selfie Era” is upon us, the number one key service driver in today’s world remains simple: Human Empathy.

It has become somewhat difficult to be able to not only offer service that is of a relevant standard, but also to offer service that is still a humanized experience.

Businesses have to adapt, but they also have to stay true to their customers by making that extra effort to show “care”. Particularly when it comes to having your customers take part in a feedback survey. Customer feedback is imperative in helping business leaders gain insights into how their customers feel about the brand/product and these insights are then used to improve the business and overall customer experience.

nlighten Blog_Get Creative_23 June 2017

Most companies’ average response rates, using traditional feedback methods, are between a miserable 5% and a crummy 10%. According to several studies, it has been shown that customers will participate in surveys if the company invests in the connection with them.

People appreciate effort; customers will always welcome creativity when trying to get their attention. They’ve had enough of the regular postcard feedback sheet and the generic “How was your experience with us?” email. A great example of using creativity to increase feedback response rates is what The Cape Grace Hotel have done; they have created a feedback form that is designed like a paper fortune-teller (also known as a “chatterbox”), which has increased their number of feedback responses exponentially. The simple redesign of the guest’s interaction with the feedback form has allowed for increased results. This is because the guest can empathise with the effort made in constructing this different little paper creation. The investment may be a bit costly, but if the business could use a single insight to improve the customer experience, the investment is worth it.

Sometimes, it’s not just about asking the right questions, it’s about asking them in the right way!

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