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Are you deriving as much value from your customer or client feedback as you could be? Far too many companies from various industries fail to act on the feedback they receive or to interpret it efficiently, which can make the whole process seem somewhat futile.  In my experience it’s a tick box, a metric for “internal use only”!

The problem with scores

Without any real understanding of what your scores mean, it’s tough to make any real improvements to the way that you operate. By obtaining more valuable, laser focused and detailed feedback (customer/client verbatim), you can gain a hugely valuable insight into the way your business is seen through the eyes of your customer/client and make real changes that will massively boost your performance and reputation. These insights can help you improve client churn and identify a host of new opportunities for increasing sales.

What do they really think?

If you’re not sure what the score means, or why it was given, you will struggle to identify and implement the right changes. For instance, 70% may seem like a satisfactory score to some yet a mediocre rating to others. If you have scored around 70%, how do you know what steps to take to improve this? Things can be particularly difficult if your clients and customers have provided no real reasons for their scores. It can be very hard to get the in-depth analysis you need via traditional surveying methods. If you send out an online survey, chances are people will provide you with rating but only brief details about how they came to the score if any at all.

We would appreciate your insights !

Please let us know if this is the reality in your organisation?

What do you do with the feedback you receive from your customers or clients?


Boost sales by up to 30%

At nlighten, we’ve developed an effective, tried and tested voice of customer methodology, which we’ve called ‘insights’. It’s proved to be highly effective – we’ve seen clients report sales increases by up to 30% thanks to insights. Our services are all about taking the guesswork out of managing and meeting your customers’ expectations. nlighten researchers work hard to source valuable feedback by personally connecting with your customers and asking questions designed to generate useful responses that you can act upon.