A quick guide to modernising your CX

Blogpost by Nathalie Schooling

Don’t worry, I’m not going to harp on about how you need to use technology to improve your CX. You already know that technology has an important role to play in a modern CX strategy. Instead, what I want to highlight is how to build your CX strategy around the modern customer.

In our work as CX specialists, it’s alarmingly evident that many companies are falling behind in adapting to where their customers are at today. They appear to be preoccupied with ‘modernising’ their CX strategy by way of digital advancements or improvements only. While this is important, I urge companies to make sure they aren’t putting the cart before the horse.

To truly deliver on an exceptional customer experience, you need to speak to your customer’s values. This comes down to having deep client insights. Where companies sometimes go wrong is when they try to retrofit their updated processes or digital systems to the customer’s needs, when in fact, it needs to work the other way around. To quote Steve Jobs “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology.”

Here is my quick guide to modernise your CX strategy with a customer-first approach:

  1. Expect the unexpected– client expectations are constantly changing, and at times they can be surprising. If you’re going to invest in digital advancements, be sure the tech is scalable. You need to be able to ramp up or reign things in at any time, depending on what your client needs are in real-time. The more flexible and agile you can be, the better.
  2. Stay connected–even as B2B buyers become more reliant on digital tools, research has shown that they crave human connection and empathetic interactions. Ask yourself if your ‘modern’ system leaves room for personal connection, or is it an isolating experience?
  3. Be ‘woke’ – Conscious business is not just for the hip youth start-ups. A Nielsen study shows that 2 in 3 consumers will spend more with companies that show a commitment to positive social change or issues. The modern customer is interested in purpose-led business. See how their journey with you can make them feel a part of something bigger.
  4. Get personal – if you aren’t personalising your CX by now, chances are you’re getting left behind. Today’s customers are busy, stressed, overworked (the list goes on). If you can think for them by anticipating their needs and personalising their experience, you will be welcomed with open arms. Better yet, you’ll get repeat business, because personalisation done right is the key to customer loyalty.
  5. Tech you later alligator– leave the tech for last. Don’t start with the technology in the hopes that it will work for the customer. If you focus on getting the steps above right first, you can then customise the tech to suit, and everybody wins.


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