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Customer Experience cuts across every part of an organisation: Product development, technology,  employees, marketing and branding.
A fully integrated CX strategy is essential to ensure it all comes together.

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Why nlighten

Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

The first step in meeting and at times exceeding your customer’s expectations, is to know those expectations.

Roy H. Williams, Founder, Wizard Academy institute

Most businesses focus on the organisation (inside-out approach), meaning customers often take a back seat. By neglecting your number one asset, you risk high customer churn and are forced to rely on expensive acquisition strategies.

In order to produce memorable authentic experiences, you must learn to look at your business through the eyes of your customers. But this can be hard without a fresh perspective. That’s where nlighten comes in.

We are customer experience experts with experience and knowledge ranging across all major industries. Whatever business you’re in, we know what works. This allows us to offer you a truly robust and action focused CX strategy. We have formulated a simple yet highly effective strategy to guide your CX development and hold managers at all levels accountable.

By integrating how you want your clients/customers to experience your brand, you will unlock numerous long-term benefits. Curious? Read More

  • A sustainable business success that is less dependent on external economic factors
  • A culture of customer excellence across your organisation that is deeply entrenched
  • Consistently positive customer experiences across all business touchpoints
  • A seamless customer journey
  • Improvements in efficiency and productivity
  • Empowered employees who are willing and able to make your customers happy
  • A vastly improved reputation for putting the customer first

Our strategy development shows you how to bring research to life and change your company’s work ethos into one that places the customer at the top of the agenda.

Memorable customer experience should be a strategic imperative at the heart of everything you do, encompassing every aspect and area of your business – from advertising, technology, marketing, and branding, to the way your customers interact with your product or service, and how your employees treat them. In fact, it is crucial for sustainability and bottom-line ROI. Read Less

The customer experience cuts across every sector in your business, so it’s essential you have a comprehensive strategy for implementation.

nlighten is the leading CX specialists in SA, with cross-sector experience and expertise. We’ll work with you to design and implement a complete strategy to ensure a market-leading customer experience.

Businesses with clearly defined customer experience strategies are more likely to retain customers and deliver a consistently exceptional service.

The online marketplace has led to the number of customer touchpoints growing by 20% every year. This means that designing an integrated customer journey becomes vastly more complex.

It’s essential for the modern business to formulate a fully joined-up CX strategy. Often, a fresh perspective is needed to allow you to see your business through the eyes of your customers. 

nlighten is a thoroughly modern, data-driven consultancy, offering strategic input and guidance based on the very latest customer satisfaction research. Our comprehensive customer service strategies cut across every area of your business.

Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price.

Lauren Freedman, Author, It’s Just Shopping

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    Client Results

    ‘nlighten is super professional in the way they interact with everyone who comes into contact with them. Their general responsiveness is excellent.’

    Tsebo Group

    How We Can Help


    To take the guesswork out of managing your customer expectations, nlighten’s expert researchers ensure the most accurate feedback by connecting with your customers personally and asking the right questions.

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    Tailor-made customer experience workshops and forums, customised to your business, identify your customer experience strategy and pave the way for transforming your business culture. This includes our SETA-accredited Train-the-Trainer Programme.

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    By extracting key customer research insights, and combining it with your business goals, nlighten helps you build a robust CX action plan, and helps you to make it part of your long-term business strategy.

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    Globally, Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) has become the go-to method for designing and redesigning the customer experience, used by the world’s most successful businesses.

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    Customer Experience Redesign

    nlighten creates enhanced end-user satisfaction and interaction with your digital product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the user interaction.

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    CX MasterClass

    The best way to build your brand is to make your customers happy. And our one-day workshop will tell you how. Learn how to enhance your customer’s experience by moving with the times and giving customers what they want.

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