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An informed, motivated team of employees provides your company with the ultimate competitive advantage.

Why nlighten

Commit to the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with our award-winning customer experience training. Our inspirational courses provide a one-stop-shop for the ultimate strategic competitive advantage. Read More

“It’s not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It’s the customer who pays the wages.” – Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motor Company

Customer experience is the next corporate battleground. Companies that can design and fulfill the optimal customer journey will be the success stories of the next decade and beyond.

Our training courses bring together cutting-edge best practices with leading experts in the field. With best-in-class customer experience, you will:

  • Create a rock-solid, sustainable business model that is immune to external economic factors.
  • Develop a company-wide culture of customer experience excellence.
  • Reap the benefits of repeat business and a fiercely loyal customer base.
  • Ensure sustainable bottom-line growth through exceptional customer experiences.
  • Nurture happy customers, who love doing business with you and recommend you to others.
  • Build a world-class customer service team who love their customers and love their job.

“62% of companies now invest in customer experience.” – Walker: Customer 2020. Read LESS

Learn how to deliver our cutting-edge CX content to your staff, allowing you to maintain the highest standards long after the course ends.

We offer several categories of training programmes for all needs and budgets and business outcomes:

Open Programmes

Experience Advantage – Equip your management teams with the framework, knowledge and skills to build world-class customer-centred teams. This is a one-day programme with a maximum of 50 delegates per workshop.

Experience by Design – Perfect for your cross-function senior executives. This two-day residency programme covers all aspects of CX and the customer journey, using cutting-edge design principles. Maximum 20 participants. The content of this programme is currently being finalised. It will be held at the Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town in July 2020.

Winning service – Developed specifically for customer facing employees, this introductory workshop includes learning materials, a certificate of completion and covers the latest innovations in customer service. Click here to be kept informed of future workshops

Customised programmes

Customised – The gold standard in customer experience training. We develop fully customised training solutions, tailored specifically to your business and your goals. Click here to enquire

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    Train the trainer programme

    Train-the-Trainer – The ultimate sustainable CX solution: nlighten’s market-leading SETA-accredited (NQF level 5) Train-the-Trainer Programme. Perfect for your executives, learning & development facilitators, or even junior managers looking to develop their CX skills. Give them the knowledge and tools to train the next generation of CX champions within your organisation.
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    Client Results

    ‘The feedback we get from nlighten regarding our guest experience is concise, understandable, well-presented and includes very relevant strategic insights. Our partnership with nlighten has added untold value to our business. So important is the nlighten feedback to us, in fact, that it has been included as an essential component of our staff incentive programme.’

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    How We Can Help


    To take the guesswork out of managing your customer expectations, nlighten’s expert researchers ensure the most accurate feedback by connecting with your customers personally and asking the right questions.

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    Tailor-made customer experience workshops and forums, customised to your business, identify your customer experience strategy and pave the way for transforming your business culture. This includes our SETA-accredited Train-the-Trainer Programme.

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    By extracting key customer research insights, and combining it with your business goals, nlighten helps you build a robust CX action plan, and helps you to make it part of your long-term business strategy.

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    Globally, Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) has become the go-to method for designing and redesigning the customer experience, used by the world’s most successful businesses.

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    Customer Experience Redesign

    nlighten creates enhanced end-user satisfaction and interaction with your digital product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the user interaction.

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    CX MasterClass

    The best way to build your brand is to make your customers happy. And our one-day workshop will tell you how. Learn how to enhance your customer’s experience by moving with the times and giving customers what they want.

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