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Give trainers within your organisation an advantage—equip them with the understanding and tools to transfer their Customer Experience (CX) knowledge to colleagues. Candidates for nlighten’s Train-the-Trainer Programme may already be experienced trainers or facilitators, but the course is equally suitable for novices.

This SETA-accredited course has already yielded positive outcomes for a number of our clients. Course content draws from more than 26 years’ combined CX experience and international best practice, covering two unit standards in the Services SETA.

It is a high-impact, outcomes-based programme that runs over nine days, not all consecutive, to allow for practical application and personal development.


CX vs CS: How well do your staff understand the difference?

Focusing on your customers’ experience, or CX, is so much more than adding a smile to your service. It’s all about putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and coming to grips with how they experience every interaction they have with your organisation. 

How well do your staff understand the concept? In today’s competitive, fast-paced business environment, it is important for staff to become seasoned in giving each customer an excellent experience at every interaction or touch point. 

Staff training in CX is important and needs to be reinforced, but continuous training by an external provider can become expensive. It also eats into employees’ productive time.

Applying the principles of our highly successful, hands-on CX workshops

nlighten’s Train-the-Trainer programme is enormously popular and has seen companies’ CX performance improve in leaps and bounds, resulting in higher levels of client satisfaction. Because your team of in-house trainers is taught to teach their colleagues, it is a cost-effective way to make sure staff training is ongoing.

Developed, tailored and fine-tuned over many years

This high-impact, outcomes-based course complies with and is accredited by the Services SETA at NQF Level 5. This allows you to enjoy several benefits, including improving your scorecard status and giving you access to rebates and associated benefits. It adheres to international best practice and keeps pace with trends around the world.


Prepare your staff to become true brand ambassadors

Content  Transferring knowledge and committing it to long-term memory
  • Principles of good CX practice
  • Developing and implementing a CX strategy
  • Identifying and managing CX impact
  • Developing customer needs and engagement
  • A practical guide to customer journey mapping and experience design

Facilitation and presentation skills 

Working independently of context and content

  • Understanding your audience and preparing training sessions from scratch
  • Understanding and applying adult-based learning principles
  • Facilitating and eliciting conversations
  • Becoming effective trainers and facilitators
  • Delivering content effectively
  • Handling difficult training scenarios
  • Practice giving and receiving feedback

Review and reflection

Taking new knowledge into the workplace

  • Reviewing Module 1 content
  • Online research to build CX knowledge
  • Workbook exercises to start building a portfolio of evidence of CX knowledge
  • Real-life workplace examples to illustrate good CX in action

Practical application

Deepening knowledge gained in previous modules

  • Practising how to develop a training session from scratch
  • Facilitating a training session in front of peers

Three-tiered assessment

Assessing knowledge of CX structure and context

  • Self-assessment
  • Peer assessment
  • Facilitator assessment

Portfolio of evidence

Building a unit-standard-compliant portfolio of evidence

  • Open discussion
  • Questions and answers


Grounded in a deep understanding of the key principles of CX and a keen grasp of international best practice, the course centres around nlighten’s building blocks for developing and implementing a CX strategy. This covers brand, people, communication, measurement, and CX enablers, as well as customer journey mapping theory and its practical application.

Getting into the nitty gritty of CX 

This is an experiential, hands-on course that covers two unit standards in the Services SETA at NQF Level 5. It is suitable for supervisors and both junior and middle managers.

Unit Standard ID Unit Standard title Credits
10054Identify and manage areas of customer service impact  6
10067Develop customer needs and relationships 16

Identifying and managing customer service impact

Aspirant trainers will learn how to:

  • Understand and identify customer touch points 
  • Identify and explain moments of truth 
  • Identify and explain vulnerabilities within customer service impact areas
  • Quantify the characteristics of customer service 
  • Justify the feasibility and usefulness of solutions in customer service management
  • Identify the role and usefulness of change agents 
  • Use methods and tools to facilitate the change or improvement process. 

They will be able to:

  • Come up with and develop solutions for improved customer service  
  • Implement changes within agreed timeframes and parameters 
  • Assess the strengths and limitations of change agents. 

Developing customer needs and relationships

Aspirant trainers will learn how to:

  • Identify components of the interpersonal communication process at play in specific situations
  • Identify preferred customer communication styles and methods for specific situations. 

They will be able to: 

  • Initiate interpersonal communication with customers  
  • Identify customer needs, preferences and expectations of products or services 
  • Select communication processes appropriate to the circumstances and nature of the product or service involved
  • Assess and respond to customer needs 
  • Design sales and service strategies for individual customers 
  • Maintain and improve customer relationships 
  • Continuously identify and evaluate opportunities to differentiate products or services, and supply new ones to meet customer needs 
  • Provide opportunities for and recognition of feedback from all players in the sales or service process
  • Establish processes for communication with customers and monitor customer satisfaction levels. 

Make sure your staff have sufficient CX knowledge and the practical tools to take your organisation to the next level.

Contact us to find out how this training can benefit your organisation.

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