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Why nlighten

Listening to and understanding what your customers want, feel or think is ABSOLUTELY critical in achieving lasting success. We’ll help you understand what they are saying, what they want and how you can deliver.

The customer is King, but it’s remarkable how often their perspective gets lost in the day to day business of business. By understanding your customer’s voice, your business can truly deliver what they are looking for. Businesses can differentiate and stay one step of their competitors by hearing and actioning what customers and clients are thinking and feeling.

Voice of the Customer research (VoC) consists of initiatives to capture insights about the attitudes, motivations, desires and pain points of your customers and clients. It gives you a head start in delivering services which add value and make them happy.

How to understand my customers

Collecting feedback from customers has always been an important part of marketing, but VoC research shifts from collecting aggregate data to collecting information about each individual. It ‘closes the loop’ demonstrating clearly to your customer that their feedback has been taken into account and channeled into your product or service. 

This reassures them they are being listened to and helps you refine your product or service into something they truly want. With our VoC research services you’ll be able to improve your product, boost customer loyalty, improve word of mouth publicity and, most importantly of all, increase sales. Here’s how we do it. Read More

What is VoC Research 

Good VoC Research is about much more than just sending out surveys and hoping to hear kind comments; it’s about asking serious and searching questions which may yield some uncomfortable results. Constructive criticism is valuable. If you’re not fulfilling your customers’ needs, you really want to know what you have to do to put things right. 

We offer many different types of research including strategic client research, operational research, employee engagement, focus groups and mystery shopping services to create a clear picture of your clients. 

This data helps us tell you what your product offers that your competitors do not, where it is succeeding, where’s it’s falling down and what you need to do to add more value. 

The ultimate guide to VoC Research

At nlighten we are passionate about helping companies hear the real voice of their customers. 20% of your key B2B clients give you 80% of your business. They have a voice but many companies struggle to hear what they say. It takes expertise from top independent professionals to ask the right questions, get the right insights and to recommend actions. 

Most companies can’t do this themselves, partly because this is a highly specialised area, partly because of resource constraints, but mostly because you need an independent voice capable of asking difficult questions about your service. 

Customers are more likely to be honest if they are talking to an independent party. Sometimes that feedback is uncomfortable to hear, but the more honest it is, the more valuable the information will be for you and your business.

We conduct our interviews mainly by telephone. These can be instantly captured and uploaded onto our platform to be viewed in real time. This is a key benefit of nlighten: It gives you immediate access to customer feedback. You’ll be able to look across territories, business, units, products and managers to identify trends as and when they happen.

So, for real time feedback from your most valuable clients, why not get in touch. Together we can come up with a VoC Research plan which supercharges your customer engagement. Read Less

Do you really understand the issues and factors which make your customers tick? 

We offer many different types of research including:

Strategic client research

Mitigate risks and unleash opportunities

Research in the b2b environment helps you mitigate business risk and increase customer retention. We perform all our research at a strategic level with key decision makers and stakeholders. These results will tell you more about what risks you face and to what extent you are satisfying the demands of your customers. 

Because we’re neutral, we can ask the kind of harsh, searching questions which attract, honest and uncompromising feedback from your customers. 

Operational research 

Uncover areas of risk and opportunity for your business.

Our research takes place at management level and provides insights into your day to day operations and delivery. This sets out what expectations your customers have, whether they are met and, if not, what needs to happen to improve the service your customer receives. The final goal is to meet, or ideally exceed, the expectations of your customers. 

Ready to talk?

    Each of these projects is tailored to the specific environment of your client. In other words, we put ourselves in their shoes to show you the experience from their viewpoint. Our experts predominantly carry out research by telephone, but it can also be web based if the client prefers.  

    Real time insights

    Get real time insights at the touch of a button.

    To understand your customers, you need real time insights into what drives their behaviour. With our research you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips in real time. 

    The highly accessible real time customer experience management platform lets you view information in many different ways. Our ‘nsights’ feature gives you instant access to customer preferences and feedback in any format you like. If you’re running a promotion, for example, you can see how they respond in real time. Everything you need is right there at the touch of a button. 

    Customer focus groups 

    Speak directly to your customers with our tailored focus groups

    Our team of expert facilitators lead targeted focus groups to gain actionable feedback from your customers. All groups are run with a collaborative methodology which helps us to engage everyone and gain the most valuable feedback possible.

    Not only does our participatory methodology test customer sentiment, but it is also a great way to evaluate any improvements, changes and methodologies. 

    Because we’re independent, customers are encouraged to be truly open about their feelings. Responses can potentially be uncomfortable, but negative feedback can be useful in helping you to build a deeper relationship with your customers. 

    Employee engagement research 

    Find out how your staff really think and feel

    Staff wellbeing is often overlooked, but it can be crucial to the success of your business. Many firms try to survey staff happiness levels but few really dive deep into what’s making them happy or unhappy.

    We work with your team to design practical ways in which they can be empowered, improve their levels of productivity, customer service and performance. 

    nlighten’s employee engagement surveys are tailored to the client’s environment and are typically web-and paper-based. They have been shown to be highly effective at generating quantitative and qualitative insight into staff sentiment. Our questions are tailored to firstly assess satisfaction levels, but also to identify clear and actionable solutions. 

    Mystery Guest Shopper Experience 

    Turn detective to see life from your customer’s point of view

    Sometimes the best way to understand your customers is to become one yourself. Our mystery guest and shopper services allow you to see the experience of your customers first-hand. 

    We use a network of highly experienced mystery shoppers who gather information across all sectors to rigorously test your operations, products and customer service. At the end, they will have a list of what you’re doing well, what needs work and how you can improve the service for your customers.  

    What sets us apart from other providers is the experience of our participants, and a bespoke strategy which matches the demographic of guests with the client’s market segment. In other words, our shoppers will look and act very much like your core customer group.

    Client Results


    ‘They live what they stand for, setting an excellent example of creating good customer experiences. The nlighten team are good communicators, making sure they remain top of mind. They are incredibly professional and efficient. We appreciate nlighten’s high standards.’


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