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1.5-day Customer Experience (CX)
Masterclass 2021

Investment: R5775.00 per delegate (excl. VAT)
(Refreshments, parking and workshop material included.)

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Why nlighten CX Masterclass

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the customer back in the driver’s seat. Businesses have realised that without paying customers, there is no business, and to compete they have to look beyond price and product and deliver an exceptional customer experience. With research showing that more business leaders are making CX a top business priority, CX is no longer the future, it is NOW!

Don’t get left behind. Find out why CX is taking the lead in 2021 and why customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on customers.

Join our upcoming CX masterclass and learn how to build a solid CX framework that will not just keep you in the game but set your business apart. The interactive workshop will give you the tools needed to develop actionable strategies that work to retain a loyal customer base, acquire new customers, mitigate risk and drive overall business growth. Hosted by top global CX thought leader, Nathalie Schooling and sought-after customer experience strategist, Brendon Bairstow-Klopper, delegates can enjoy a comprehensive overview of the latest CX trends shaping the way we engage with the new and evolved customer, hear from prominent guest speakers, and ‘get stuck in’ with practical exercises.

Held over 1.5 days, nlighten has selected to host this year’s masterclass at the CTICC due to the venue’s strict adherence to COVID-19 protocol.

Cape Town

21 & 22 October 2021

Venue : CTICC

Space is limited to a maximum of 45 guests,
and if you book four seats, the fifth one is free!

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Full programme:

Day One

Thursday, 21 October – 08h30 – 16h00

What’s covered:

  • Key principles of CX
  • Unpacking 2021 CX trends
  • How to build a successful CX framework (6-step framework)
  • Guest speaker – how to successfully operationalise a CX strategy into your business or organisation  – Antonia Oakes Head Of Client Experience for Old Mutual Insure
  • Guest speaker -trends and current challenges in the digital realm of CX – Lars Veul – Co Founder of Pargo
  • Customer Journey Mapping – what it is, why it’s important, and how to effectively create a working map
  • Practicum – developing a heartbeat map (group work)

Day Two

Friday, 22 October – 09h00 – 12h30

What’s covered:

  • Experience redesign – focussing on the “how to” of redesign parts of the customer journey
  • Experiential learning – delegates step into their customer’s shoes and work in groups to redesign the ideal customer experience  

Why CX Strategy And Operationalisation Matters

By and large, CX leaders consistently achieve their business goals and outperform their competitors.

Econsultancy 2019 Digital Trends Report

Experts have long anticipated that by 2020, CX would become the defining element of competitive advantage strategies for businesses.

2013 and 2019 Walker Reports

In a recent survey of business leaders in South Africa, most executives scored under 65% in their self-assessed ability to articulate value and operationalise better customer experiences.

2019 Survey, nlighten

While customer experience is widely recognised as crucial for commercial success…organizations are struggling to translate this conceptual understanding into an operational reality.

Econsultancy 2019 Digital Trends Report

Leap ahead of the CX curve

Build your business brand, win the loyalty of customers and enhance organisational performance through best practice methods and tools for designing and operationalising customer experience strategies.

What Participants Will Gain

Get up-to-date on latest trends in the world of CX. Learn innovative techniques, best practices and emerging trends in developing and implementing customer experience strategies from renowned CX experts and practitioners.

Discover the CX Formula to success. Find out how good CX gives your business a measurable edge in the increasingly competitive business environment of today.

Understand how to successfully operationalise CX across all touchpoints. Discover why implementing integrated technology stacks has become a key component for ensuring CX quality and consistency. Find out how to create seamless customer experiences that meet ever-evolving expectations of personalisation and value.

Understand how silo mentalities pose a serious operational threat to the success of CX strategies and how to break down these traditional barriers by focusing on your customer’s journey. Also, learn why good employee experience (EX) is key to good customer experience (CX), and how you can motivate your team to commit to your CX agenda and deliver great service consistently.

Learn the ins and outs of customer journey mapping. Learn how to see your business from your customers’ perspectives and how to use this understanding to create customer experiences that nurture and reward loyalty.

Learn the service design principles that will ensure the goals, vision and unique brand of your business are reflected in customer experiences. Understand how to align service design and customer experience to achieve a holistic experience design.

Understand how to create customer personas that capture the diversity of your customer base and how to use the personas you create to design experiences that anticipate the needs and expectations of customers.

Find out the latest technological tools for implementing CX strategy and how the emergence of new tech is fast disrupting how the CX game is played. Learn techniques for discerning which tech tools and tech stacks are right for your business and CX strategy.

Your facilitators: Learn from the pioneers of Customer Experience in SA

Nathalie Schooling
(Lead Facilitator)

Nathalie is a seasoned marketing expert who in 2005, founded nlighten to pursue her passion for building sustainable brands through strategic customer experience design. Over the past 15 years, she has grown nlighten into a leading customer experience company in South Africa. 

Nathalie has unique insight into how organisations can use employee experience (EX), customer experience (CX) and service design to achieve holistic and sustainable business success. She shares her insights at the nlighten CX workshops which have become an important capacity strengthening event for CX experts operating in Africa and parts of Europe.

Brendon Bairstow-Klopper
(Lead Facilitator)

Brendon is an experienced customer service expert. Over the years, he has become a strategic training partner for various global clients. Through their work at nlighten, Brendon and Nathalie have successfully elevated South Africa’s CX industry to new heights.

With his breadth of experience, Brendon understands how to uncover insights into customer and client expectations and how organisations can translate these insights into strategies that produce results. Brendon’s expertise as a CX practitioner and change facilitator make him an invaluable contributor to the nlighten CX Workshops.

Antonia Oakes
(Guest Speaker)

Antonia is a CX professional and influencer specializing in the financial services sector. With over 16 years’ experience in operationalising and designing CX strategies, she will shed light on operational hurdles to CX success, such as the silo mentality, and will share proven strategies for overcoming them.

Antonia’s academic qualifications are as impressive as her professional achievements. She has an MBL through the ABSA leadership program with UCT, a degree in business management through Wits Business School and various insurance qualifications through the IISA.

Aidan Johnson
(Guest Speaker)

Aiden heads up ShopriteX, the new digital business hub for Africa’s largest retailer – the Shoprite Group of Companies. With some of the brightest minds in data science, technology, e-commerce and personalisation, ShopriteX is the innovation hub re-imagining retail, removing friction and driving a tech-led future for the Shoprite Group.

Aiden will talk about the ‘The good, the bad and all the lessons learned in building and running a digital retail platform

Moments from previous Customer Experience Masterclasses

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Event costs and details

Cape Town Masterclass 2021

Location/Venue: CTICC

Investment: R5775.00 per delegate (excl. VAT)
(Refreshments, parking, and workshop material included.)

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