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The Art of staying relevant_nlighten article_July_2019

4 reasons WHY businesses need to stay relevant to their customers (1 of 2 parts) The majority of companies that measure customer feedback do exactly that - they just measure. As I’ve said before, data for data’s sake doesn’t help…Read More

How to be a better CX leader_nlighten article_July_2019

In today’s competitive market, it goes without saying that high-level company leaders need to understand that meeting customer satisfaction needs is essential to the bottom line. Simple as it may seem, this is a complex issue – with…Read More

Voice of Customer_VoC_nlighten article_June_2019

Before you can improve customer experience, it helps to understand what that experience actually is, and what your customer wants it to be. So, how do you find out? You need to be getting real feedback from your customers and translating…Read More

5 ways_consumer choice_nlighten article_May_2019

Consumer power continues to grow. There is a wider choice of goods and services available than there ever has been, and our access to information and ability to compare retailers and organisations is virtually limitless. This gives…Read More

Debunking_5_Myths_of_CX_nlighten article_May_2019

Many people believe they have CX sussed, but so often at  our masterclasses when we ask our delegates what they think customer experience means, or what they think they need to achieve great customer relationships, the same untruths…Read More

No Pain, No CX Gain_nlighten article_April_2019

I become dismayed when I realise that a potential client is just paying lip service to this newish buzzword, customer experience, and doesn’t realise that you get out what you put in. On occasion, I have had to walk away because I know…Read More

When a Customer Sees Red_nlighten Article_2019

Have you seen this footage of the aftermath when a woman allegedly rammed her car into the Boksburg branch of Standard Bank on Friday? There’s a digruntled customer, and then there’s a really disgruntled…Read More

Substance Over Style_nlighten article_March_2019

Great customer experience is invariably about substance over style, and that is where a well-known cosmetics brand recently got it wrong during a shopping experience. Last weekend I had a busy Saturday planned, but I dashed to my local…Read More

Customer Complaints_nlighten article_March_2019

Customer Complaints: Where Did it All Go So Right? There’s a great misconception in the business world that for consumer satisfaction everything must go 100% smoothly. This isn’t possible or plausible - no person, product or business…Read More

Tipping Point_nlighten article_Feb_2019

Tipping Point: Restaurants Must Put Customer Experience First in Their Gratuity Policy   You’ve finished a delicious meal, the waiting staff were attentive, the wine has left you feeling warm, fuzzy and generous. The bill…Read More

End_to_end customer experience_nlighten_article_Feb_2019

Humans are a pessimistic bunch. Studies show that we remember negative events with greater clarity and accuracy, and they re-trigger our emotional responses more than our positive recollections. This element of human psychology is why…Read More

A non-negotiable customer experience_nlighten_article_2019

Customer Experience is Nothing without the Non-Negotiables Ok, hear me out here. I don’t want you thinking I’ve got a big case of Anti-British Airways-itis. I want to like them. They’re a stalwart of the flight industry. However,…Read More

Bye bye BA/Comair> A letter from Nathalie Schooling, CEO, nlighten

Loyalty? (A open letter from an unhappy customer) Dear Erik Venter, I’ve had enough. After more than 15 years of loyalty - you have officially lost me as a client. I simply cannot justify the financial and emotional expense of…Read More

Bottom Line Growth_nlighten_article_2018

From Journeys to Experiences. It doesn’t feel so long ago that everyone was talking about buyers’ journeys. While the concept served to introduce many companies to the notion that their customers were on a journey and don’t just appear…Read More

Pride comes before the fall_Article_Nathalie Schooling_nlighten

Melissa’s, once a much-loved Cape Town café, restaurant and retail franchise business, is to be no more. It will be liquidated to cash in assets to pay unsecured creditors. That’s a big blow. Not only to those of us who have come to…Read More