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nlighten Blog_The Carrot is not enough. 19 April 2017

Many studies across the globe support the fact that the engagement of employees is in direct relation to customer experiences. Employees are the most important part of the business and they have needs. If these needs are not met and they…Read More

nlighten Blog_Social Media_The Online Microphone! 12 April 2017

As we know, our world is digitally advancing at an increasingly rapid pace. Connecting to people and businesses has never been easier, and this worldwide shift in Customer Relationship Management has heightened the expectations of…Read More

Research is the most powerful tool that drives valuable customer experience. Without research, businesses do not have sufficient information about the customer and therefore, cannot exceed the quality of the delivery expectation of the…Read More

nlighten Blog_10 Most Irritating Customer Experiences! March 2017"

10 Most Irritating Customer Experiences! Bad customer experience is something most companies work to avoid. Businesses depend on happy customers in order to reach or maintain a level of success. There are so many common mistakes that…Read More

nlighten Blog_A 5 Step Guide to Retaining Clients. March 2017"

A 5 Step Guide to Retaining Clients in a B2B Environment. nlighten are client experience specialists in the B2B space, and over the years of research conducted, both globally and locally, a key theme emerges: “value adding”, proactivity and…Read More

Be a Grown Up. The Psychological Anxiety Behind Feedback Rejection. As human beings, we are programmed to perceive failure as being, literally, unacceptable. As children, we all struggled with the recognition of being wrong. It is a…Read More

nlighten Blog_It Only Works if You “Work Out” March 2017" Your business is a bit like staying in shape, and as a business matures, like you and I, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep in shape. In order for your body to look…Read More

nlighten. Blog 2 February 2017. Feedback - The love affair between your business and customers

The Love Affair Between your Business and Customer Business. It’s all about human-to-human relationships. When your employees leave their husbands/wives in the morning, shove a cup of coffee down on the way to work, and step into their…Read More

nlighten. Blog February 2017. Feedback - The Breakfast of Champions

Yes, we get it! Life is busy. We are all busy with the business of business. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that our clients’ are to be at the heart of our business. They do kind of get in the way… However, never underestimate…Read More

5 Ways to build a rock-solid customer experience strategy How to Attract and Retain More Customers. We’re not in a recession anymore. The state of the economy is our new reality. But instead of lamenting the old days – looking forward,…Read More

nlighten chats to Sam Paddock, CEO of GetSmarter GetSmarter’s success did not happen overnight. It took many failed experiments and bad names (GetBrains) before its launch in 2008. In the last seven years, the online education company has…Read More

How to enhance your business communications with plain English. Few touchpoints ruin the customer experience quite like overcomplicated language. Jargon and legalese abound in the business world – something that prompted nlighten to compile…Read More

South African companies are becoming more and more customer centric. In October, nlighten hosted our most popular Experience by Design workshop to date – which was, as always, facilitated by our global guru in experience redesign, Alan…Read More

We all know the feeling. Buying a new car or claiming from insurance – convoluted language is often used as a trump card – a “thanks for playing, but you should’ve read the fine print”. So why do we put up with it? The need for…Read More

Too few companies have realised that – no matter how revolutionary their product or service – none of it holds any value if it does not speak to the customer. It is for this reason that companies that have perfected the art of listening are…Read More