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How to enhance your business communications with plain English. Few touchpoints ruin the customer experience quite like overcomplicated language. Jargon and legalese abound in the business world – something that prompted nlighten to compile…Read More

South African companies are becoming more and more customer centric. In October, nlighten hosted our most popular Experience by Design workshop to date – which was, as always, facilitated by our global guru in experience redesign, Alan…Read More

We all know the feeling. Buying a new car or claiming from insurance – convoluted language is often used as a trump card – a “thanks for playing, but you should’ve read the fine print”. So why do we put up with it? The need for…Read More

Too few companies have realised that – no matter how revolutionary their product or service – none of it holds any value if it does not speak to the customer. It is for this reason that companies that have perfected the art of listening are…Read More

On a recent outing to that most loved or loathed of South African institutions – Builders Warehouse – I was hardly through the front door when I was met by the words, “Can you rate my service?” What alarmed me most was that, when asked…Read More

Great App! But Can You Do Beta? Whether driving to work, sweating it off on the treadmill, or binge-watching their favourite courtroom drama, 91% of smartphone users keep their devices within arm’s reach 24/7. Apps have become the way we…Read More

Why the Leopard Should Consider Changing Its Spots It’s a jungle out there, or so the saying goes. In this particular jungle, let’s say the leopard is king – heavy and powerful – it eats infrequently and when it decides to hunt, it's…Read More

ngage. nlighten newsletter spring 2015. customer satisfaction

Client satisfaction is at the heart of business success, even though its real impact on the bottom line has been virtually impossible to measure and quantify. Do happy clients really translate into bigger profits? And do they have the potential…Read More - Customer Experience Blog 19 June 2015. Get your head out of the sand

Blog - Get your head out the sand |nlighten Innovation is everything today. That might be a bold statement, but if you are paying attention to the world around you, you’ll agree. It starts with leaders who understand the need to challenge…Read More - Customer Experience Blog 01 June 2015, Vision, Mission, Values

In: Deliver on your Brand’s Promise / Out: Vision, Mission, Values When was the last time you actually noticed a company’s vision, mission and values? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? We aren’t saying that successful brands of today…Read More - Customer Experience Blog 6 April 2015

That comfortable-looking metal chair (not) Some people may not view the metal chair as a hindrance, but let’s get real – the chair itself is just an analogy for what REALLY matters - great customer experiences. Part of understanding…Read More - Customer Experience Blog 6 April 2015

Having your cake and eating it: making customers and keeping them too Historians would have a different tale to tell were Marie Antoinette a little more focused on great customer experiences. The outcome may be vastly different to what…Read More

Don’t keep your customers in the dark

“Don’t keep your customers in the dark!”  Load shedding is back and very much a part of general conversations around the water cooler, braai or the dinner table, as people come to terms with living and working with regular power cuts,…Read More

make or break the customer experience

They say that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. In life that’s right on the money, but when it comes to customer service, it’s the small things that make a huge difference and that can make or break the customer experience. So yes,…Read More

How best to keep private information just that… private. nlighten artice

Modern businesses know that information is more than just data; it’s a very valuable asset. Unfortunately, there are some less-than-scrupulous businesses that choose to trade in this asset – usually without the knowledge of the people whose…Read More