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2 principles that are essential to running a profitable nlighten

As a business owner – there are 2 principles that are essential to running a profitable organisation. The first is to keep things simple, because that is invariably the most effective way to get results. Over complicating anything in…Read More

Business growth & customer service

Business growth is a natural by-product of success. It's obviously a good thing because it generates profits for owners, returns for shareholders, and jobs for the unemployed. But growth can also have one profoundly negative consequence for a…Read More

What really happened to Kodak

Millions of people around the world were shocked to learn that Kodak has filed for bankruptcy. The question on everybody’s lips was ‘how is it possible that an organisation the size of Kodak, with a name that is truly iconic in the world of…Read More

A brand ‘tag line’ - false promises or successful slogans?

Companies often spend many hours and many thousands of rand on developing their brand slogan or ‘tag line’. And so they should. This catch phrase has the potential to become the one thing that places them top of mind amongst their customers…Read More

A sad story of lost potential, money and jobs

According to Statistics SA, in September 2011 alone, 330 South African businesses closed their doors. Of these 65 were in the wholesale, retail trade, catering or accommodation categories. That’s shops, restaurants and hotels or B&Bs that…Read More