How the Adcorp Group use VoC to build and maintain relationships

“Offer your customers a long-term relationship, then do everything you can to build and maintain it,” is a quote by author and motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, and one that seems apt to reference when it comes to how the Adcorp Group approach CX.

A leading workforce solutions provider both locally and internationally, the JSE-listed company is in the business of helping organisations to access the skills they need to grow and streamline complex workforce processes. We at nlightencx have been fortunate to have a longstanding relationship with the group as their CX partner, with a large focus on our Voice of Customer (VoC) offering. If you’re not already familiar, VoC research uncovers deep insights into what a company’s clients actually think and feel about their services or products. This feedback then gets translated into actionable CX insights that work to inform operational strategy for overall business growth.

For Adcorp, they have found the VoC programme to be particularly valuable in the area of nurturing client relationships. “As a B2B business and largely a service provider as opposed to a product provider, it’s critical for us to understand what our customers think about doing business with us. Our ‘product’ is our relationship with the client, and this is where the voice of customer programme works to keep us at the top of our game.”

Bruce Toerien, Adcorp Group.

Using CX as the main differentiator

Given that a substantial portion of Adcorp’s offering is considered commoditised services, they frequently compete with other big players on various contracts. So, they use the ongoing VoC insights to react in an environment where the product or service can be easily transferable to a competitor.

In being able to respond quickly to client concerns that have been revealed by a CX interview or customer satisfaction survey, Adcorp has been successful in using client insights to not only retain client contracts but to also upsell and grow their business.

“As a consequence of CX intervention and client interviews, we’ve been able to use CX as our main differentiator. We’ve retained big contracts and picked up on things that have enabled us to redefine, adapt or innovate our offering. Our ability to timeously be both proactive and reactive is what sets us apart from our competitors.”

Bruce Toerien, Adcorp Group.

Case in point, based on VoC insights, the following adjustments mentioned below are just a few seemingly minor (but impactful) examples of why Adcorp has continuously been able to retain its top clients:

  • Made changes to the team that was servicing a particular client
  • Actively made an effort to create a relationship that was not yet in place
  • Identified where and why the breakdown or souring of a client relationship occurred and put measures in motion to rectify it
  • Expose/introduce another brand or service within the organisation to a client as a consequence of a CX interview, e.g., recommending the Adcorp training service because a current client using staffing solutions mentioned a need for training

Why nlightencx and VoC?

A big part of our job is to tailor make the research process for our clients, so that insights are not generic or vague, but meaningful and tangible. In having a thorough understanding of Adcorps offerings, particularly the commoditised services, we’ve been able to customise our VoC programme to uncover the valuable ‘nuggets’ that help to identify key areas of risk in the company, areas in need of improvement or a complete overhaul, as well as growth opportunities.

“The reason nlightencx has been with us for a long time is that they understand our business, they know who we are and what we offer. Even if a CX question seems generic, they can translate client feedback and make recommendations according to the nature of our products and services.”

Bruce Toerien, Adcorp Group.

A neutral third-party

As an independent party in the CX research process, Adcorp’s clients have been able to share their feedback freely with us, without fear of offending. From a client relationship perspective, which is a crucial element for B2B companies, this is invaluable.

In using our VoC programme as a third-party approach to obtaining CX insights, the group has been able to build and maintain its client relationships in some of the following ways:

  1. Obtain honest and transparent feedback on their service delivery
  2. Avoid putting clients under pressure by having to engage with the same person they engage with regularly
  3. Ascertain what their client’s next move is in terms of operations, and plan accordingly.

“We find that our clients are clearer about future strategy when talking to a third party than talking to ourselves directly. You need to have a professional party undertake the interview process to extract the information you need. It’s this that brings the most value, and why nlightencx are the true experts.”

Bruce Toerien, Adcorp Group.