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While we have known TTRO CEO and founder Kirsty Chadwick for some time, she decided to officially engage our CX services 12 months ago on an intentional journey of transformation within the organisation.

“We’ve been in business for 16 years, and most of our staff have been with us for a long time. I was starting to get the sense that there was hesitancy to evolving and changing the way we operate and how we serve our clients. I knew that AI was coming into the picture, the industry was moving forward and that if we didn’t make significant changes to the business that it’s future would be at risk. It was time to get external help.” said Kirsty.

So, we started with internal interviews with her team members, followed by Voice of Customer verbatim research with TTRO clients, and finally an in depth customer journey mapping process.

The input received supported the view that Kirsty had. While the clients enjoyed working with TTRO ( most of them are long-term clients), there were very real pain points for them, mostly in the form of how TTRO showed up collectively as a team. This was echoed in the feedback from the internal staff, who also raised issues and challenges around integrating process and operations. There was a lot of siloed thinking and an isolated mentality, which was impacting the end-experience for the clients.

This insight was further highlighted in the customer journey mapping process, which allowed TTRO to see what the clients were thinking and feeling at each touch point, and what potential solutions could make their experience more seamless.

“What was interesting for me was how nlightencx highlighted every single touch point and pain point in the client journey. And this wasn’t only beneficial in highlighting what we could be doing better, but it identified opportunities we were not realising.”

A complete reform

For TTRO, this entire process became the springboard for a complete transformation in how the company operates.

“It became very clear that we needed to restructure and redesign our operating model, so that we could align our way of working to meet the experience our clients were expecting, and our employee experience to prepare for our future growth. It’s been the most profound shift, and we are already seeing major benefits.”

The changes for TTRO have been extensive, and are still currently being implemented across the following areas:

  • Leadership – internal feedback revealed that there was a need for stronger leadership in certain departments.
  • Client Communication and engagement – the need for more iterative feedback and ongoing engagement with clients for consistent improvement.
  • Client-led solutions – less product-led focus and more client-led solutions – harnessing more creativity and innovation based on client’s needs.
  • Partnerships – identifying new partnerships that can assist us in bringing new innovation into the solution design.
  • A new model of operating – restructuring process and appointing internal champions for the different stages of the client journey to align the business experience with the client experience.
  • Organisational culture change – a shift in how things are done, what matters to TTRO and creating a mission statement around cohesive teamwork.

“We’ve received so much value in working with nlightencx that we see the benefit in adopting their services on an ongoing basis. Our clients feedback was very genuine and constructive, and formed the basis of how we are now operating as a business. It also enabled nlightencx to pick up on opportunities for our business that we would otherwise have missed. I don’t see their work as a cost, but as a significant value-add to our business and how we want to show up for our clients. I would 100% recommend working with Nathalie, Brendon and the nlightencx team.”