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Equip your management teams with the framework, knowledge, and skills to deliver world-class customer experiences. We offer various open and customised CX training, as well as our signature SETA-accredited Train-the-Trainer Programme.

Your staff are the first point of contact.

We always say, we don’t want ‘happy’ staff, we want ‘engaged’ staff. We want them to be a part of the bigger picture, and to be committed to a shared vision and purpose. If your staff are engaged in their work, not only will you retain their skill and talent, but they will be proud to work for you. And this is the golden thread of creating a consistently superior customer experience for your clients. Our training programmes will help you transform your business culture into one that is laser-focused on the customer. Designed to suit all business objectives and budgets, our various programmes will inform, motivate, and empower your teams to deliver the highest standard or service. Still not sold on the power of staff training? Consider this stat – if you have engaged employees, you can see a 65% greater share price increase. It just makes good business sense!

Programmes we offer


This two-day workshop is a highlight on the CX calendar and is open to anyone. Hosted by our dynamic CX duo, CEO Nathalie Schooling and Director, Brendon Bairstow-klopper, the class is a must for any company looking to take their CX to the next level. With an action-packed agenda and top industry guest speakers, delegates will walk away with CX tools they can start using right away.

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In this programme, we create a bespoke training solution that is tailored toward your specific business needs and outcomes. A quick way to get your learners from where they are to where they need to be. Customised training is the best way to fill knowledge gaps and focus on the specific skills and competencies required for success in a person’s job, team, or department.


The ultimate sustainable CX solution, our market-leading SETA-accredited (NQF level 5) Train-the-Trainer programme is the perfect way to give your staff the knowledge and tools to train the next generation of CX champions within your organisation. Ideal for executives, learning & development facilitators, and even junior managers.

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"The feedback has been great from those who have attended the @your service programme. The delegates have never received anything like this before. The content has stood up to the test of many delegates. "


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Enhance your CX to take your business to the next level.
Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price.” Lauren Freedman, Author, It’s Just Shopping

Our Approach

In many B2B organisations, 20% of your key clients will give you up to 80% of your sales. To ensure that you retain this key business, you have to be willing to really listen to what your clients are saying. This can sometimes generate some hard-to-hear results, which is why using an outsourced CX service provider can assist with a more objective analysis. Our approach is to partner with you to enhance your customer experience, in every interaction, from the outside in.

To this end, we have grown a prominent network of local and international customer experience experts, allowing us to combine international best practice with local insight.

By partnering with us, we will work with you to develop a fail-proof CX plan that will:

Our Goals
Grow your market share
Our Goals
Build overall business resilience
Our Goals
Boost brand value


We use a multi-disciplinary approach to tailor end-to-end solutions for your business.


VoC (Voice of Customer) Research

Our in-depth Voice of the Customer research (VoC) uncovers deep insights into what your clients actually think about doing business with you. Our promise with our VoC offering is to give you meaningful, actionable insights that work to retain your clients and grow your business.


Real-Time Research Platform

To help our clients proactively address their customers’ needs in real-time, we have developed nsights; a proprietary online platform that allows immediate access to customer feedback in a seamless and easy-to-use way.



By extracting key customer research insights, we develop an action-focused CX strategy that is in line with your business goals. This strategy provides your team with a solid CX blueprint that they can follow, which will ensure everyone is on the same page, and working toward a shared vision.



Equip your management teams with the framework, knowledge, and skills to deliver world-class customer experiences. We offer various open and customised CX training, as well as our signature SETA-accredited Train-the-Trainer Programme.


Customer Journey Mapping

Used by the world’s most successful businesses, Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) has become the go-to method for designing and redesigning the customer experience. An indispensable business tool, we teach you how to think like your customer and experience your product or service as they do.


Customer Experience Redesign

Using key design thinking principles, we’ll help you redesign and optimise your existing customer journey, as well as work to identify and develop new best-in-class experiences.


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