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Customer service is just one part of the customer journey. It delivers on the customers’ needs or addresses a specific issue. Basically, it speaks to exactly what the customer expects. The customer experience on the other hand is what the customer discovers when interacting with your brand from point A – Z, either positive or negative. It’s the customer's emotional response to your brand.

The customer experience (CX) refers to the holistic experience a client has with your brand, while the user experience (UX) looks solely at the usability of a product or service, e.g., how easy was it to interact with an app interface.

The answer is yes and no. Fundamentally the same CX principles can be applied to both, but given the complex nature of the B2B environment, certain aspects require a different approach. For example, the biggest difference between the two is the strength of human relationships in the B2B world. There are often a lot more cooks in the kitchen too, and this is where being able to identify all the relevant touchpoints is critical for CX success in B2B.

Various industry metrics can be used to measure your CX efforts, such as Customer Effort Score (CES), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). The real question however is not how to measure your CX, but what to do with the feedback. This is where there can be hesitancy from company heads to invest in CX - there is a lack of knowledge or skill in how to analyse the customer data effectively and in a way that serves your CX strategy. If you’re able to use the right metric for your brand, and you know what to do with client data, the ROI on your CX investment becomes crystal clear.


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