Eat Your Own Lunch was written by nlightencx CEO Nathalie Schooling and Director Brendon Bairstow-Klopper. Along with two decades of research, this manual outlines their expertise in CX strategy development, training, customer journey mapping, and experience redesign, in a how-to fashion.

“It’s not a Band-aid or a marketing project. Great CX has to become part of the very fabric and DNA of your business.”

As the leading Customer and Client Experience experts in South Africa, nlightencx’s team transforms insights and data into strategies that lower risk, take advantage of cross and up-selling opportunities, secure loyalty, and foster growth. This enables businesses to enhance CX based on a solid, “no-nonsense” strategy that gets to the heart of consumer habits and perceptions.

“When most people think of innovation, they think of technology or large-scale improvements that take time and resources to implement.” Without dismissing the role of technology and digital as enablers of CX, we highlight small incremental changes that can be implemented quickly and have a large impact on the overall experience.”

For businesses looking to bridge the gap between doing business and growing meaningful human connections that attract investors, the methods in “Eat Your Own Lunch” will aid you in taking your first step. The easy-to-read format of the handbook, written by seasoned experts Nathalie Schooling and Brendon Bairstow-Klopper, ensures that everyone can use the insight and understanding, not just those in client-facing roles.

I ate up every word from the book! It reminded me again why I love what I do, so much. Nathalie and Brendon have a very effective approach in getting key concepts across in an easy to understand way. I appreciated the deep dive into employee satisfaction and experience, it is such a crucial aspect of CX strategy. I love the practical tools throughout the chapters! I know that seasoned CX practitioners, whether in B2B or B2C, and newbies will all get value from this book. And business leaders even more so - I can see CX'ers leaving copies of Eat your own Lunch strategically in the CEO's office.

Marnitz van Heerden Head of Customer Success, Luno

Nathalie and Brandon have captured all CX elements and presented it in a manner that is useful for any business that is committed to their continuous improvement. Whether just getting started or already with a mature CX capability, I recommend Eat your own lunch to help you on your way.

Anton De Wet Chief Client Officer, Nedbank RBB

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